Website Design
Website Design is an Art. It is critical to business success and will continue to define our cultural horizon far into the future. We know how to get the job done. We utilize the latest graphics technology to create your vision. Our goal is to leverage our talent to make your vision a reality.  View Web Gallery

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing involves much more than sending mass email messages. As a matter of fact, current legislation has a word for this, "SPAM" and it is both annoying and illegal. We have an experienced team that can help you avoid the pitfalls of an ill-planned Internet Marketing strategy. The right Internet Marketing campaign can put you on the map quickly. We use proven strategies that don’t waste your time and help your business succeed.

Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity is a process and a philosophy all at once. It is more than a logo and packaging. It is a comprehensive identity that ties all of your design collateral together. An effective identity is born from a full understanding of your company's, products, services, and target audience. Experience our difference and let us help you create your identity.  View Branding

Multimedia Design
Multimedia stands for "multiple" media. The term media as used here denotes the communication delivery platform. Traditional platforms are TV, Radio, Print, and Film. New media includes Electronic Billboards, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants), Internet, beepers, and mobile phones. INTELIGIT is where you go when you need an attractive multimedia solution. We are award-winning experts with the right multimedia solution for you.

A picture can say a thousand words. Our photography services will help you communicate your vision. Our professional and talented photographers are ready to transform your business through digital imagery.
 View Photography

Web Hosting
Make sure your site is accessible 24/7. Our web hosting services provide around the clock technical support and professional and friendly customer service.

Training is the pathway to success. The right training can open doors to places only dreamed about in yesterday’s economy. We were founded to share our know how with the masses. Training is at the cornerstone of our mission.

Graphic Design
A professional image is important to any business. Our graphic design services help project that image to your customers. Creative and innovative designs will help set your business apart from your competition.

Technical Staffing
We can place you on the road to success with our in-house technical staffing service. That perfect career opportunity is waiting for you. Let us help find the job you deserve.